Frequently Asked Questions

  • When was TechNarts founded?

    TechNarts (Nart Informatics) was established in 2007 and moved to METU Technopolis in 2009.

  • In what areas is Technarts active?

    TechNarts shows activity on information technologies and software development.

  • What are the service policies of TechNarts?

    Providing IT products and services by analyzing the requirements of our clients in IT sector, to ensure and enhance resource and business productivity.

  • What kind of products, solutions and services are presented by TechNarts?

    TechNarts presented customized products and services which fit the needs of the customers. Process Management, Resource Utilization and Information Security are some of the branches that TechNarts develops products and give services for.

  • What are the human resource policies?

    Knowing that customer satisfaction is directly proportional to employee satisfaction, TechNarts is meticulous about selecting the competent applicants for the related positions during the recruitment process.

    TechNarts job applications are accepted through the job appication form on our human resources page and “kariyer.net” web site. Applications made over these ways are examined carefully by the human resources department.

  • How does recruitment process run?
    • The applications of the candidates are preliminary examined by the Human Resource Department and qualified ones for the position are invited to for the interview.
    • The candidates are interviewed by the Human Resource Department.
    • Candidates who pass the first interview are invited for the technical interview and if required technical exam. Exams are unique to the related field.
    • After these processes, eligible candidates are offered the job position at TechN’arts and those who are not eligible are informed also.
    • After the candidates accept the offer, required employment procedures are applied.
    • Employees newly started are applied an orientation program and as long as it requires they are applied technical retraining.

  • Does TechNarts offer internship opportunity?

    Yes. TechNarts offers summer internship programs. For the details, please contact TechNarts through info@technarts.com.

  • How can we contact to you?

    Contact Us page contains our address, mail, phone ve fax information. We can be reachable via these channels. We will be happy to have you as a guest on weekdays.