TechNarts provides the optimum solutions for the customers on;

  • database design
  • database planning
  • database optimization
  • database maintenance
  • database update
  • database management

Beside the database solutions, required solutions for the data mining, decision support system and knowledge engineering are also provided and for those, beyond the software architecture, algorithms like classification, clustering, association rule mining etc. and management architecture are implemented. Moreover, soundness, completeness, performance and integration tests are also applied on these algorithms and architectures, and the best efficient solutions are provided.

The management of the data, which is the source of knowledge, is as important as the data itself. Data owned is utmost important for anyone and if the ownership of the data is taken by people in bad intent, serious problems may emerge. For this reason, TechNarts offers data security solutions. Within this context, required precautions are taken for the attacks threaten data security like DoS attacks, Backdoor attacks, eyesdropping attacks, code exploit and security vulnerability caused by human factors.