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Technology is an Art

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Knowing that customer satisfaction is directly proportional to employee satisfaction, TechN’arts is meticulous about selecting the competent applicants for the related positions during the recruitment process.


Software Development

  • Black box, white box tests
  • Tests the scenario of which is developed by the developers
  • Tests the scenario of which is developed by the other researchers
  • Stress tests
  • Integrity and confidentiality tests
  • Unit tests
  • Integration tests
  • Usability tests on the user interface

IT Consulting

  • network infrastructure
  • database design
  • system configuration
  • software development
  • system implementation
  • process management
  • performance analysis
  • selection of the compatible hardware component on which the system works efficiently

Mobile Solutions

Provided platform-independent mobile solutions does not just include the development of a new mobile system but the integration with the existing desktop systems. With this way, accessing to information from anywhere is achieved with the optimum, cost effective solutions.

Database Solutions

  • database design
  • database planning
  • database optimization
  • database maintenance
  • database update
  • database management

Networking & System Solutions

  • professional network cabling
  • backup
  • network configuration
  • system management
  • information systems security audit solutions.


  • Unity
  • Gestalt
  • Space
  • Dominance
  • Hierarchy
  • Balance
  • Color

Supporting Services

  • documentation
  • training
  • help desk
  • judicial operations
  • patent
  • copyright etc.

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