TechNarts provides IT consultancy solutions on the selection of the best IT technologies, related to projection, governance, configuration, implementation and management, which are necessary to catch the objectives of the organizations.

To provide optimum solutions and added value to the projects or to the business processes of the customers, TechNarts, offers consultancy on;

  • network infrastructure
  • database design
  • system configuration
  • software development
  • system implementation
  • process management
  • performance analysis
  • selection of the compatible hardware component on which the system works efficiently

Giving consultancy just in the expertise fields, TechNarts provides 100 % successful, solutions which increases process efficiency and business process efficacy. At the very beginning of the solution, TechNarts helps customers to see the expected outcomes by picturing the whole. Within this context, defining the business process and the expectations of the customers, roles and the responsibilities are defined in detail for both sides.

During the IT consultancy process, rather than a solution, TechNarts focuses on solutions and from among them, customers determine the solution which best fits for them.