United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice research Institute (UNICRI) has lately published a report that focuses on supply-chain security and anti-counterfeit technologies. 

The report consists of 3 parts. The first part outlines the role of technology in fighting illicit trade, the second part presents examples of innovative technologies by product to reduce counterfeiting and the third part presents the range of technology available through an overview of the 18 companies surveyed.

The report puts the pharmaceutical counterfeiting especially under the scope. It indicates that currently in only 2 countries a country-wide, full-cycle pharmaceutical traceability as well as anti-counterfeiting technological application is possible which are Malaysia and Turkey. 

The report mentions ITS as a successful system that can track and trace the products on unit base and by this way it leds to saving of USD 1 billion annually for the Government’s health expenditure.

The report also lists the leading companies that can produce anti-counterfeit technologies. Our company TechNarts proved its expertise on this subject one more time, by taking place in that list. 


Open UNICRI's Report's News Website from here.


24 March 2016 - 24 March 2017