From health to entertainment, management to interaction, communication to application, mobile technologies have been indispensable components of our lives. According to 2011 Global Mobile Statistics, mobile subscriber in numbers is the 80 % of the world population and 90 % of the world population lives in mobile network coverage range. People are using Internet over the mobile devices anymore and by 2013, mobile web users’ number is over 1 billion. In 2011, people sent 8 trillion SMS and 249 billion MMS via the mobile devices. While mobile ad market is about 1.6 billion $ in 2010, this number is expected to be 20.6 billion $ in 2016. As it is clear from this striking statistics, mobile technologies have been leading technology for the business to customer (B2C) solutions.

With the change in users’ habits as of using mobile technologies nowadays, TechNarts provides mobile solutions to the customers’ needs. As platform-independent, these solutions are formed according to customers’ requirements.

Provided platform-independent mobile solutions does not just include the development of a new mobile system but the integration with the existing desktop systems. With this way, accessing to information from anywhere is achieved with the optimum, cost effective solutions.