Services like configuration, implementation, management, update, maintenance, support etc. are required for the infrastructure equipment and systems on which the developed software runs. These requirements are necessary for the success and the maintainability of the software projects. Moreover, as software security, physical security is also utmost important for the optimum solutions.

In this context, TechNarts provides;

  • professional network cabling
  • backup
  • network configuration
  • system management
  • information systems security audit solutions.

With the offered networking & system solutions, we target to provide scalable increase on you service quality that you present with your projects.

TechNarts networking & system solutions have make differences with lots of projects. For example, being the first successful and unique application of “Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System” in the world, İTS is applied all over the Turkey and requires huge networking and hardware system components. Yet, it draws attention of the world with the 0,19 seconds response time.