We place a high value on our team and invest in them accordingly. We define our team as everyone participating who is skilled in his/her job. We dispose of fossil patterns and create a free working environment. We’re completely working target-oriented.

Defining our goals accurately, we create our project team and make them the owner of the project. Thus each member of the team including the customer becomes the owner of the project; projects are not only finished as expected, but invariably succeed beyond initial expectations. This contributes to our experience for future projects. Even when a project finishes, it is continued to be followed by the project team.

TechNarts is not only creating a framework for projects and teams but also works as a member in the project team. In this way price advantageous solutions are produced for the customer and customer expectations are surpassed thus ensuring the achievement of a fully win-win scenario. Every project for TechNarts means a new company installation and a new partnership. For each project, the virtual project owners and project pay rates varies at TechNarts. During the design phase of each project, the project team is created precisely and contribution of each resource to the project is calculated in accordance with the design of the project. None of the team members are limited to fossil patterns; they work where they want, how they want and with which resources they need. Meeting targets and obeying the deadlines are the only expectation from each team member. Though, as individuals, reaching targets and obeying the deadlines, budget and milestones are important; as the whole team, harmony and communication are the important things. Team members are completely free and have the right to use their own initiative. But every individual’s ideas have a value for the whole scope of the project. All kinds of freedom provide opportunities for special and creative ideas to be used in the implementation of projects.

The established team at TechNarts consists of real professional technology experts that can manage all projects technically and creatively. The “Recognition” and “Identification” phases are completed by this Team. In the “Analysis” phase, an experienced project leader is appointed who will become the full owner of the project. During the “Design” phase, the team leader and the TechNarts framework creates the corporate vision for the customer. At the end of the “Design” phase, all virtual team members and resources are turned into reality. In this step, each team member is carefully selected with respect to their possible future contributions to the project. The “Development” phase begins after all project resources including team members are fully assigned to the project. Throughout all processes until the end of the project following the Project plan and implementation plan, all project resources including the customer work together to carry the “Implementation” phase through to the “Operational” phase successfully. Any changes and maintenance support after this point is under TechNarts assurance.

TechNarts is the corporate interface that handles the produced solution as a product of the company ensuring continued success and providing guarantees to the customer.