Considering the constraints like time, cost, risks etc., TechNarts provides optimum goal-oriented software development solutions for the organizations needing to holistic or partial software systems on their business processes.

TechNarts follows these steps throughout the software development process:

Recognition: Customer acknowledgement, determining the needs and documentation
Definition and Description: Identifying long-term and short-term needs/targets
Analysis: Project definition, project configuration, presentation and approval of the project, project initiation
Design: Integration, security, performance, databases, platforms, modularity and scalability
Development: Organization, team building, allocation of duties, coding
Implementation: Test, functionality, quality assurance and system implementation 
Operation: Maintainability, system maintenance and support 
Renewal and Improvement: Update and cutting-edge (new technology) integration

For the effectiveness, efficiency and the performance TechNarts apply the required tests for the software solutions. They are tested with the different test methods. Some of these tests are stated below:

  • Black box, white box tests
  • Tests the scenario of which is developed by the developers
  • Tests the scenario of which is developed by the other researchers
  • Stress tests
  • Integrity and confidentiality tests
  • Unit tests
  • Integration tests
  • Usability tests on the user interface