Star Suite

Gain observability, simplify operations, enhance network efficiency


Mega scale IPAM solution

3M+ IP addresses in one install base


Always accurate and up-to-date inventory data source


Discovery of network interfaces

Measurement of traffic usage

MRTG-like visualization

Integration with 3rd party systems


Configuration, alarm & topology monitoring



First successful implementation

of national product track and trace system

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As a tailor-made software delivery company, we are here to help you put your vision into action. Expanding on our 15+ years of innovation, end-to-end custom software and services provide faster and cost beneficial solutions that drive business value.

Whether it's building from an idea, accelerating the transformation, or overcoming a challenge, we have a detail-oriented and built-in delivery and resource utilization approach to adapt what you exactly need and beyond.

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For many years, we continue to bring cutting-edge and quality driven solutions to enterprise organizations. We have completed 100+ projects for an extensive array of sectors. This makes us have a deep cross-sectoral experience. Have a look what we have delivered so far.

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