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Star Suite

Star Suite’s service assurance solution helps ISPs, CSPs, mobile operators, and carriers to detect and quickly resolve customer-impacting problems and network outages in real-time. It provides a unique, end-to-end view by correlating network topology with network alarms and performance across all domains and vendors. Star Suite delivers high flexibility of integration with 3rd party systems and platforms, new technologies, and services to assure network visibility and control. Star Suite offers an “All in one OSS” approach to today’s operators that expect a smart, flexible, comprehensive service assurance platform.


Inventum is an up-to-date and valid data source that automatically discovers inventory by connecting to NMS, EMS, or the equipment itself. It supports industry standards such as SNMP, ICMP, CLI, XML/Rest API, and Corba for the collection process. It covers the entire network regardless of technology and vendor and finds the root causes of problems through impact analysis. It provides better management and quick troubleshooting with reports and dashboards such as IP conflicts, misconfigurations, topology reports, redundancy check reports, etc.


Numerus, a mega-scale enterprise-level IP address management tool, helps simplify and automate several tasks related to IP space management. It can manage IP ranges, pools, and VLANs, monitor the hierarchy, manage utilizations and capacities, perform automated IP address assignments, and report assignments to registries with regular synchronization. It provides extensive reporting capabilities and data for 3rd party systems with various integrations. For ISPs, it also provides global IP Registry integrations such as RIPE.


As a “Big Data” solution, TART discovers SNMP-compliant network equipment inventory regardless of vast variety, collects egress/ingress/drop packet metrics of services in the network periodically, records KPIs of utilization (Byte) and speed (bps), visualizes like MRTG. Users can monitor KPIs with inventory data of services both retrospectively and on-the-fly. Plus, TART is a rigid basis for 3rd party reporting & analysis tools such as billing, reporting, and performance management.


MoniCAT collects alarms by connecting NE directly through the SNMP trap method, enabling the management of NE even without an NMS, intelligently correlates them, and serves as a reliable data source for third-party systems. Besides, configuration backups are extracted periodically. Configuration Compliance Check (CCC) and difference check reports which are tailored to user-defined preferences are prepared. Additionally, MoniCAT seamlessly integrates with CMDB to deliver real-time service-based NE information, ensuring an up-to-date topology view for efficient network management and decision-making.


The Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System in Turkey utilizes DataMatrix codes for serialization, a departure from traditional barcodes, ensuring uniqueness for each pharmaceutical unit. Recognized as the world's first successful implementation of its kind, this system notifies and tracks the location of each drug unit throughout the entire production-to-consumption process. Every step is meticulously recorded, creating a detailed pedigree for each unit, ultimately preventing the sale of fraudulent drugs, drug theft, and barcode scams. The comprehensive traceability of all drugs on the market guarantees a secure and reliable drug supply to patients, with the added benefit of effortless recalls when needed.


PTS, which enables the instant sharing of records containing the hierarchical relationship of the transport units such as bundles, parcels, and pallets, drug units they contain and drug transfer information, operates as software web services. XML file standard that includes the hierarchical structure between the transportation unit and the drug units has been developed with the contribution of the stakeholders. By using the authentication system of The Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System, PTS shares XML files between stakeholders and contributes to stock regulation and tracking.


The system, developed to ensure that the operators follow all communication based on lawful interception, is fully dynamic and includes all the infrastructure and tools required in the workflow. Preparing and controlling all country-wide official lawful interception documents centrally, parsing communication information and data arriving from parallel communication channels, and serving this information online to the authenticated operators via any report and tool is provided.


Yaay is a new-generation social media platform that brings a new perspective to the digital world with its dynamic and innovative structure. Yaay offers a different user experience by having features such as following the agenda and news and sharing content. It differs from other media platforms with its user-oriented badges according to its categorized structure and content sharing. Users can follow the categories they see according to their interests. Yaay has a point-based badge system. Points are awarded based on user interaction.

IFRS Compliance Solution

To provide consistency in reporting, IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) is being adopted by organizations. Our module collects various types of data from many modules such as Accounting, Finance, Transaction, CRM, and others to create different kinds of reports defined in the standard. The reports are not only created by the collected data but also there are some user parameters which enable users to customize the output.

Asset & Debit Management

Any kind of asset of an organization can be managed and current and past usage/debit information of assets are kept in the database. All assets can be observed as a whole and investigated with detailed information. It also leverages integrations to other modules and provides in-depth information about the history of assets.

Human Resources Management

The module provides screens and tools for human resources from job applications to payroll management. These tools help HR professionals to automate their tasks and inspect information historically. Required integrations to the other modules enrich the functionality of the overall module.


ImeceMobil is a sectoral social media platform. ImeceMobil aims to be an agritech platform that makes use of advanced technology to support anyone involved in agriculture. Their goal is to reach out to more than half of the farmers in Turkey and become one of the top 5 digital agriculture platforms globally. It offers many features such as Weather Services, Agricultural Notifications, Remote Agricultural Expert Consultancy, Tender Based Raw Material Market Place, Essential Balance Calculation, Campaigns, and Agricultural Commodities Prices.

Product Track & Trace System

The system is a rule-based, adaptable, flexible platform that tracks and traces products in the supply chain electronically, both to protect public health and to prevent manufacturers from experiencing financial losses due to counterfeit or illegal products. Serialization method, serialization standard, unique identification style and technology, determination of the tracking method, identification of products and stakeholders, and creation of business rules can be selected and adjusted according to the user’s specific requirements. The Product Track and Trace System was awarded with the “Seal of Excellence” certificate by the European Commission.

Request, Tender, Order Management

Enterprises should manage their request, tender, and order cycle in a harmonized way as they are deeply related to each. Otherwise, there will be unnecessary or duplicate purchases. In order to prevent the loss of assets and budgets effectively the module also integrates with inventory, asset, CRM, and many other modules. The requests of the employees can be converted to RFx or ordered automatically when the full chain of approval is done. Tenders (RFI, RFQ, RFP) can also be managed by users with multiple auction types. After completing tenders, RFx can also be converted to order automatically.

Expense Management

All of the expenses recorded by the employees are managed by this module. Expenses can be categorized by employee, customer and projects. Besides, the expenses can be budgeted based on the categories.


Governments’ revenue agencies require companies to provide their general ledger and journals in digital format (XBRL). The module we developed collects receipts from the accounting module and creates e-ledgers automatically with the validations. Created e-ledgers are signed with e-signature and the resulting data is provided to agencies APIs. It provides companies a fully autonomous solution. The solution is completely web-based with the latest UI technologies.


It is a mobile karaoke application that allows winning by singing. Users can compete in karaoke online; first, select a song, do karaoke, and get the reward. In the app, performances are evaluated by a jury even users can also become a jury and select a winner plus earn money. Users duel with people from all over the world to win more.

Export Subsidy Portal

An export subsidy portal was created for TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) and the Ministry of Commerce cooperation. The platform provides information service based on continuous and regular communication in order to increase the country's exports and encourage exporters.

GS1 Membership System

GS1 is a global standards organization which has member organizations around the world. Each and every member organization takes memberships in their countries and provides numbering products. Our solution provides an end-to-end solution for a member organization to take digital applications and allow their members to manage their products on a web-based interface. Also, the solution allows member organizations to assign GTIN prefixes instantly with an effective & duplicate proof algorithm.

Entrepreneurship Management System

TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) entrepreneurship information system is an application where women and young entrepreneurs can apply for the support services offered by TOBB, as well as the selection organization of the Women Entrepreneurs Council and Young Entrepreneurs Council committees.

Fuel Oil Management System

It is a system that allows TOBBUND members to pay fuel oil expenses of their fleet with a loyalty card and all the payments to be charged with the Direct Debiting System (DDS) of the banks. Limits of the cards can be managed by members and the changes are reflected to the DDS limit automatically. Invoicing and registration processes for all purchases are made automatically.

Digital Source Code Escrow

It is the first platform in Turkey where customers and software developers can share codes in a common and secure environment. With the joint decision of the customer and the software company, the open-source codes of the software identified in the contract are encrypted by a unit of TSI and saved until the end of the contract. In the case of any damage, the customer can access the source codes by applying with the key, one of which is in TSI. Source codes can be stored securely, and used as evidence in case of a necessary lawsuit.

Financial Tables Information System

The software calculates and follows training, budget, and contribution shares requested from the unions and chambers attached to TESK. The application consists of two areas: Income-Expenditures and Financial Statements. Income-Expenditure tables enable dynamic definitions of the accounting items. Thanks to reporting screens that give year-end balance sheet reports, the unions and chambers that pay, short-change, or withhold payment can be found easily.


Granted by KOSGEB, the biometric verified voting system Piora offers a secure, fast, and precise solution to all target customers, especially NGOs, who periodically perform the election process. Instead of push-button handheld terminals, there are touch-screen handheld terminals that communicate wirelessly with the central station. With the handheld terminals that allow users to register in the system and vote, unauthorized voting is prevented, fair counting is completed and time is saved by shortening the objection and litigation processes. With the web-based management panel, statistics are presented in various formats and voting is carried out with maximum security.

Criminal Record Information System

In order to facilitate internal audit within TESK, the software queries the criminal record of the job applicants from the database of the government agencies. It enables defining inquiry types dynamically. While authorized users can query by TESK by integrating with the TESK user base, every query result is logged for data security reasons.

Infrastructure Analysis Service

Architectural and impact analyses are completed for hundreds of large and small applications used by the Turkish State Meteorological Service. Deficiencies and vulnerabilities of the applications were identified, and solution suggestions were reported. A central application architecture was proposed by evaluating their severities and their relations with each other.


NartsWork, granted by TUBITAK, is an object-oriented application structure that has the framework infrastructure of Laravel’s Model-View-Controller (MVC). By filtering all input and output data, it provides the ability to develop fast, safe, and Multi-Tier architecture-compatible codes. The infrastructure of NartsWork is established on AJAX/JSON communication. The advanced and user-friendly interface of the framework provides various features such as theme customization, automated PDF, Excel, CSV, and other report formats generation, and data validation of the form fields.

Data Center Inventory Management

DCIM eliminates using a spreadsheet or word processing document while administrators are tracking their data center inventory. It provides complete physical inventory (asset tracking) of the data center, support for multiple data centers, capacity management, basic contract management, template management for devices, optional tracking of cable connections within each cabinet, and warehouse/archive/spare status monitoring.

Telco Vendor Request Management

Solution partners manage records of cases and help requests of partner telecommunication companies through this application. Records of cases and help requests are directed to the relevant companies via e-mail or SMS according to the defined workflow so, demands are met by taking immediate actions. The application supports system administrators to change settings and provides reports within the context of SLA defined by the companies making the request.

Inventory Management System

The application is a platform between project managers and warehouse supervisors to track stocks of the warehouses, project groups, and subcontractors of TUBITAK - BILGEM and to procure requests for materials and production. The system includes modules and reports for inventory acceptance, stock listing and movements, request generation, display and response, return and repair operations, tracking of expired and to-be-produced inventories, etc.

OYAK Portal

It is a portal to share all information and documents of the OYAK (Turkish Armed Forces Assistance and Pension Fund) General Directorate. It allows administrators to update the portal instantly thanks to its content management system. Member-focused services are provided from the Institutional Housing Preference System in the Online Member Services section. The portal, which also includes the survey management and HR application module, also includes a module for the OYAK magazine.

Web-Based Pharmacy Management System

Granted by TUBITAK 1507 and developed as the first product of assembling all the stakeholders of pharmacy under the same platform, pharmacy management system is cost beneficial thanks to its web based structure. The first pharmacy management system enables pharmacists to perform external system transactions from a single system with minimum effort. It has a warning and reporting mechanism for pharmacopeia thanks to an online ordering module used between pharmacists and warehouses and alerts users just in case of any interaction as it includes active substance information of drugs.

Graphical Reporting Tool

Fırat Development Agency follows the data sets of cities and regions which are regularly updated by institutions such as the Turkish Statistical Institution and Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade. The application registers these data sets into the database and regularly updates them. It facilitates planning activities and increases observability with retrospective reports and web-based infographics and tables. It enables the agency to present reports including the status of potential sectors in the region to investor companies.

ICTA Data Integrator

The application has been developed to receive the information collected by ICTA (The Information and Communication Technologies Authority) from GSM, PSTN, Radio, and Satellite operators, electronically. The data taken from the existing systems of the operator are automatically imported into the application database. While generating data files in the format defined by the ICTA, periodic differences between the data are reported. The payment information that ICTA will charge the GSM operators is provided and the coverage area of the GSM operators is determined on the map.

Request and Order Management

The application enables Türk Telekom to manage requests and orders of the company's Transmission Department by supporting the internal workflows, to follow the orders, and to organize communications/relations with the subcontractor. It provides the data for the Litas database which ICTA demands. It increases labor productivity and standardizes request and order management by minimizing the faults of Türk Telekom and its subcontractors.

Dealer Reporting for Coverage Notification

This web-based application, constantly gathering reliable information, allows dealers to notify the GSM operator about coverage problems nearby. The application provides regional reports and generates analytical data to resolve coverage issues. With online report modules, prompt actions can be taken by monitoring the coverage complaints from the center instantly. In this way, the quality of service is increased and target-oriented data is provided.

Bidding Management

This application allows entering information about the biddings, requesting proposals from the companies registered in the system, and evaluating the proposals. With this application, a company database is constructed for biddings, bidding information is entered into the system and sent to the companies, and bids can be received through the Internet. The bidding form and the comparison table can be generated by the bidding administrator automatically.

Inbuilding Coverage Management

The software is designed to ensure that inbuilding solutions executed by subcontractors and internal units adapt to dynamic workflows, to warn managers and authorities in case of failures by automated emailing system, to store equipment details, to track problems and requests using the TTS system, and to assess companies and general performances in terms of all kinds of criteria and time intervals by various reports. It is a communication platform between users where users can assign jobs to each other, track, and report.

Mikro ERP

The application increases the efficiency of the GSM subcontractors and the assembly companies and their profit margin and minimizes resource loss by making cost analyses. The application, which also includes warehouse and sales management modules relating to project management, has modules of vehicle management, travel request and expense management, regulations management, equipment management, debit management, advance pay management, and staff management for administrative and human resources; that is, it is a comprehensive ERP system with many modules and functions that a GSM subcontractor requires.

Litigation Management

This application which provides communication among the outsourced lawyers and the legal department for case management preserves each data, detail, and file related to a case by grouping based on each case. It ensures cases to be traced by the responsible lawyers, case data to be shared between the authorities, and work orders to be followed. It reminds daily tasks with reminder modules and e-mail and provides various reports for the legal department and senior management.

ICTA Certificate Application Management

This application enables the Permissions Group within Avea to follow the ICTA certification processes and procedures. It automatically generates date-based reports and prepares the forms and over-scripts including all the applications, notifications, and documentation required in the process of receiving certificates from the ICTA for the installation permits of base stations. The application eliminates the fines charged by ICTA and prevents declined applications and delays during the application process by following up the process in a proper and fast manner.

Budget and Cash Management System

The application helps to track the income and expenditure of law offices, calculate the income that each lawyer will get from the cases, and manage the records of the debtor-creditor and advance payments. The system obtains daily/monthly/annual reports of the cases which the partners are responsible for and also reports every kind of cash movement.

Subcontractor Inventory Management

The purpose of the application is to track the spare materials in the main warehouse and the regional warehouses and the inventory transfers between GSM operators and maintenance personnel. The company that provides maintenance support monitors and tracks the stocks between the regional warehouses and the main warehouse, ensures that the defective equipment is shipped to the warehouse, and creates automatic reports for the GSM operator at the end of the year.


Created for Turkish Pharmacists Association provides pharmacists with professional information, education announcements, communication channels, legal resources, and a pharmacy directory. It serves as a platform to keep pharmacists informed and connected with the association.

Litigation Management System

This application provides communication among the attorneys affiliated with a law office for case management; and preserves every data, detail, and file related to a case by grouping them. It ensures cases to be traced by the responsible lawyers, case data to be shared between the authorities, work orders to be followed among themselves, daily tasks to be reminded by reminder modules and e-mail reminders, and senior management reports to be prepared periodically.

Sports News Portal is a news portal solution with stunning comments and analyses by Şansal Büyüka and Erman Toroğlu. The application includes modules such as news, live broadcast, opinion piece, match highlights, and advertisements. It has a professional management interface allowing management of any image and content on the front end.