Our way of project delivery and resource utilization

Detailed processes, excellent results

Process management is a reflection of our perfectionist spirit. Applying process management fully and properly in accordance with the dynamics of the entire organization makes it possible to see the big picture. We consistently meet our customers’ needs by prioritizing their requirements at every phase of our process management, ensuring the shortest possible time and the highest quality. Our purpose is to do beyond what is expected by understanding you better.



Customer needs are fully determined by meeting with the customer, and a general plan is prepared by defining long, medium, and short-term goals.

The project is configured considering the objectives. Resource, budget, risk, time, communication, and scope reports are also prepared and presented to the customer. Thereafter, the project starts with customer approval.


Analysis & Planning



The complexity level of the project is determined, and a suitable design is created. The adaptation of the whole team to the design is ensured by maintaining harmony in the design team which is created according to the project requirements.

The designed project is put into practice, and set-up of the system is completed. Tests in the implementation phase ensure the correctness of all possible functionalities and behaviors and the system's quality.





Project delivery does not mean the project is finished. The data in the project are collected periodically, evaluated, and their effects are measured.

Within the project life cycle, making improvements in the system becomes inevitable while customer’s needs are expanding and technologies are evolving. Thus, project recognition must be updated and targets should be re-formed continuously.


Optimization and Improvement

Resource utilization allows companies to increase their performance by maximizing the use of their resources. At TechNarts, a team is studiously organized for each project, and a win-win scenario becomes an inevitable result of these.
As TechNarts, we are against stereotypes. Our employees can work whenever and wherever they want with the provided resources. The team, which is in harmony at every phase, pushes to the limits of creativity by the virtue of this flexibility. We continue to expand and develop every passing day, thanks to our outside the box and innovative perspective.