Our power is composed of our background, values, and clients

Who are we?

TechNarts has been a leading software development company since 2007 to make a difference in the sector with its innovation-oriented approach, particular staff training and extensive know-how. With 15+ years of experience in mastering cutting-edge technologies and proven methodologies, it has been offering tailor-made software solutions and services to enterprises with an endless job enthusiasm. TechNarts has a deep expertise in track & trace systems plus OSS/BSS. From telecommunications to health informatics and fintech, covering a wide range of solutions in various sectors, we build unique solutions that matter.

mission and vision

Our Vision

Being an international company that is preferred all over the world due to its success, it adapts to technological advancements by closely following them, leads the change, and ensures that the needs of the customers are met effectively by supporting our customers’ missions.

mission and vision

Our Mission

Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level with the solutions offered by analyzing the needs of our customers in the IT sector to ensure and increase resource and business efficiency.

"Technology is an Art"

TechNarts is a combination of the words “TechNology” and “Art”. With this form, our brand has generated our motto.

" Nart "

which takes part in “Nart Informatics”, represents the general name of mythological characters of Circassians and means fearless, brave hero. Epic of Nart presents us both a worldview to adopt and behaviors to avoid, with many male and female heroes of different characters and different mythical creatures.
In the logo of TechNarts, the shield represents the pose of the Caucasus dancers. This pose means the dancer confronts difficulties by opening the arms at two-side and shields with his own body.

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At TechNarts, we produce solutions for our customers and aim to eliminate their problems, rather than just developing software. We strive to perform software development as an art form by expressing our enthusiasm to develop a viable solution with the applications we design.

Taha YaycıFounder & CEO
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Our journey


  • New membership: TM Forum
  • Developed Yaay social media platform
  • TÜBİTAK funded project: IP address management with anomaly detection module
  • TÜBİTAK funded project: Performance prediction of fiber optic networks
  • Delivered Monitoring, Configuration, Alarm & Topology (MoniCAT) to Turkcell
  • TÜBİTAK funded project: Product Track & Trace System
  • Developed ImeceMobil mobile app (IOS & Android)
  • Delivered Inventum to Turkcell
  • Delivered Numerus IPAM to Turkcell
  • Delivered Traffic Analysis and Reporting Tool (TART) to Turk Telekom
  • Delivered human resources management to Softtech
  • Delivered asset & debit management to Softtech
  • Delivered International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) module to Softtech



  • Covered all network domains in Star Suite
  • New memberships: Service Exporters’ Association, Software Industrialists Association, Foreign Economic Relations Board
  • Delivered request, tender and order management to Softtech
  • KOSGEB funded project: IP/MPLS topology extraction and alarm handling system
  • New membership: Networld Europe
  • Delivered e-ledger solution to Softtech
  • Delivered expense management to Softtech



  • New membership: 6G Infrastructure Association
  • Added Mobile product to Star Suite
  • Delivered GS1 Türkiye Membership System
  • Delivered export subsidy portal to TOBB
  • Developed Youvocal mobile application
  • Added Radio Link product to Star Suite
  • KOSGEB funded project: MERCEK radio link topology discovery, analysis and reporting system
  • New membership: HTK (Communication Technologies Cluster)
  • Delivered entrepreneurship management system to TOBB



  • Received ISO 27001, ISO 20000, and ISO 9001 Certificates
  • Added MPLS product to Star Suite
  • Delivered fuel oil management system to TOBBUND
  • Delivered budget and cash management system to Etik Attorneys and Counselors at Law
  • KOSGEB funded project: PIORA biometric voting system
  • Delivered financial tables information system to TESK
  • Delivered digital source code escrow to TSE



  • Certification of Seal of Excellence by European Commission
  • Created eczaci.tv for Turkish Association of Pharmacists
  • Completed customized PHP framework - Nartswork
  • Delivered infrastructure analysis service to Turkish State Meteorological Service
  • Delivered criminal record information system to TESK
  • Moved to METU MET Campus
  • Implementation of new adaptors to Star Suite
  • Patented product: Pharmaceutical Track & Trace system
  • Delivered data center inventory management to Forte Technology



  • TÜBİTAK funded project: Pharmacy management system
  • Delivered inventory management system to TÜBİTAK Bilgem
  • Delivered telco vendor request management to Karel
  • Delivered litigation management system to A&Y Attorneys at Law
  • Updated CMS for OYAK website



  • Introduced Package Transfer Service
  • Delivered ICTA Data Integrator to Avea
  • Delivered graphical reporting tool to Fırat Development Agency
  • Introduced the world's first successful implementation of the Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System
  • Delivered dealer reporting for coverage notification to Avea
  • Delivered request and order management to Turk Telekom



  • Moved to METU Technopolis
  • Implementation of first version of Star Suite to Turkcell
  • Delivered ERP module to Mikrolink
  • Delivered inbuilding solutions management to Avea
  • Delivered bidding management to Turkish Petroleum
  • Delivered ICTA certificates application management to Avea
  • Delivered litigation management to Avea



  • Founded
  • First project: maraton.com.tr news portal
  • Delivered subcontractor inventory management to Karel
  • Delivered JITAS lawful interception & crime prevention system