Make acquainted with the TechNarts family

We believe that the high satisfaction and positive feedback received from our customers are proof of being “a team in one”. We are dedicated to building a passionate team in which dynamic, unique, and self-confident people are. Despite our different professional and educational backgrounds, we all have one thing in common: 'We always discover our potential, take the initiative, and push the limits'. We continue to increase our power and growth day by day with the value we give to the TechNarts family.

mission and vision

We are full of life

We are good at having fun as much as working hard. We protect our team spirit and motivate our team with the activities we do in our spare time. Birthdays, traditional picnics, special days, achievements, etc. There are many reasons to celebrate in TechNarts and we never skip them!

We are tech-savvy

We are capable of adopting new technologies and ever-changing customer needs and expectations rapidly as we closely follow advances in technology. Besides, providing various projects and solutions in such a dynamic environment has enabled us to gain high-tech product development skills. In light of our 15 years of experience and deep expertise, we walk in the way of being a pioneer in shaping the future of technology.

mission and vision
mission and vision

We are crystal clear

It is a false hope to expect customers to trust you unless you create an atmosphere of trust within the team. We believe in 100% transparency - thats why we build healthy relationships with our teammates and clients as understood from long-term collaborations and reliable products.

What Nartians say?

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I have joined TechNarts more than a decade ago. When you spend that much time, the office becomes much more than simply an office, more likely the home. The thing is I did not even many need years to feel that way, which is what precious about TechNarts.

İsmail Taha AykaçChief Technology Officer
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I started working for TechNarts before my graduation, and it became more than just a workplace after my first couple of months. Here, we enjoy what we do, and as they say: “When passion meets work, work becomes a hobby.”

Halim Görkem GÜLMEZChief Operating Officer
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As a software developer and team leader at Technarts, I truly like the fun work environment. Flexible hours enable work-life balance, engaging projects with talented colleagues are like solving puzzles together. Our strong team spirit brings a sense of togetherness, making our journey enjoyable and fulfilling.

Yılmaz BaysalTeam Leader
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Since the moment I started working here as an intern, I felt that this was the workplace that I was meant to be working in. Working here is fun, and makes me feel at home. Here I can improve on my field and get help from senior coworkers whenever I want. You rock TechNarts wink wink.

İrem DereliSoftware Engineer
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TechNarts embodies a fulfilling journey, where passion meets work, inspiring a love for technology and innovation. The flexibility of working hours ensures a perfect work-life balance, boosting productivity and job satisfaction. A workplace I truly cherish!

Ömercan GökkayaTeam Leader
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My first job after graduating was at TechNarts. After a year, I am still as excited every day as I was on the first day. We freely exercise our creativity in our work, grow together, and take pleasure in achieving new successes every day. I love being here.

Berra Nur SarıSoftware Engineer
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Being a part of TechNarts is like finding a treasure trove. As the saying goes, "Teamwork makes the dream work." Proud to explore new horizons with my amazing colleagues.

Güney KırıkSoftware Engineer
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As a junior software engineer, I must say that Technarts has provided me with a seamless transition from college to my professional life. It feels like I’m still on a college campus because everyone here exudes youthful energy and is rich in experience. This environment allows me to continue enjoying my learning journey as if I never left the academic world.

Beyza MemişSoftware Engineer
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For the past 3 years, I've been here, and this is an exceptional company that knows how to value its employees and develops them in the best possible way, both socially and technically. It's a place where trust in employees is at its highest level, and the working hours are genuinely flexible compared to other companies. Being here feels like finding a second home.

İlkan Akın ErenlerSoftware Engineer
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