It is not an ordinary internship program, it is our culture

Process of the program

Our internship program accepts applications year-round, offering opportunities for both long-term and summer internships to students in their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years of bachelor’s degree. All received applications undergo thorough evaluation, and eligible candidates are invited for an in-office interview. Following the interview process, successful candidates start our intensive training program.

During their internship, they’ll take on projects and assignments, enabling them to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical setting. We value not just technical competence, but also the alignment of candidates with our company culture, as we consider it an essential aspect of long-term success. For those who thrive during their internships, we offer the chance to continue as part-time employees, providing them with invaluable exposure to the business world while pursuing their education.

Opportunities of the program

Develop your professional and personal skills and knowledge enhancing your practical work experience.

Interact with senior leaders and numerous talented colleagues. There is a lot to learn from them both at the office and at lunch.

Arrange your own schedule while being a part-time employee as we do not want to interrupt your academic program. 

Benefit from coaching from experienced leaders in your professional development by continuous 1:1 feedback on your performance and building your career journey together.

Earn a salary for your food and transportation expenses.

Help to bridge between what is learned at the school and application in professional life. 

Get firsthand experience in the IT sector.

If you want to take these opportunities


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