Get to know more about the benefits of Nartia World

We believe in supporting our teammates and providing opportunities to ask, learn, inspire, implement, and move on. Because we know that success comes with powerful teamwork, we are always open to new ideas here now and forever. If you're looking for more than just a job, check out the 13 reasons below to apply to TechNarts. Now it's your time to begin this journey.


Flexible working hours

'You are 5 minutes late.' You won't hear that here. At TechNarts, you don’t have to work exactly between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.- there is not a strict time to work. You are free to schedule your own working time considering deadlines.

mission and vision

mission and vision

Hybrid working

TechNarts offers hybrid working options for its employees. Choose your workplace, home, office or cafe, and connect from wherever you want. You know best where you will get more efficiency. As we said, TechNarts is where you are!


Funny events

There is not only work but also fun here. Birthdays, traditional picnics, special days, achievements, and many memorable events. We are having so much fun right at these times that we are sure you will not want to miss the entertainment.

mission and vision

mission and vision

Like a family, at home

As soon as you’re on board, you will find a friendly team to welcome you. You will be in a safe zone where everyone is respectful, honest, and warm-blooded. Be sure that you feel at home from the first day.


Top-notch equipment

As soon as you join us, TechNarts provides you with a brand new Macbook Pro/Air and additional accessories like a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and so on.

mission and vision

mission and vision

Be a part of the talented team!

Do you ever wish you could work with a dream team? Each Nartian has a special work area that can s/he discover and concentrate, based on interests and talents. Everyone here is encouraged to ask, learn and implement. If you want to improve yourself continuously, come and learn from know-how directly from our expert team. Let’s start your meteoric rise!


Freedom of thought

We value your opinions above everything else. Inside the team, our relationship is based on openness and empathy. Here at TechNarts, we believe in freedom of thought which is the fundamental part of democracy. Tell your opinion, shape the future!

mission and vision

mission and vision

Continuous learning

We offer the most cutting-edge learning materials to all of our staff and mentor them. That’s why we support your professional development with training pay. We encourage you to complete a master's and Ph.D. degree- and participate in conferences, seminars, and events about industry abroad.


Unlimited snacks, coffee, and soft drinks!

Our kitchen is equipped with snacks, hot and cold drinks. Plus, they are free and unlimited.

mission and vision

mission and vision

Centrally located office

We are located in the heart of Turkiye, and also located in heart of Ankara - Çankaya. We are in METU MET Campus where it is easy to transport with both public and individual.


Game room

When you work so hard and feel so exhausted, how about staying alone and feeling relaxed or socializing with people? It is possible at TechNarts. There is a room for both playing games and having a massage. Massage chair, table tennis, chess, backgammon, dart, table soccer, PS and anything else whether you wish to get away from work…

mission and vision

mission and vision

No dress code!

There is no dress code here at TechNarts. Rather than formal dressing, feeling comfortable with your own style is concerned.


Competitive salary

Regardless of the economic situation in our national economy, we are offered competitive salaries. Our salary policy is based on making employees' purchasing power increase or at least stable.

mission and vision