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We publish our vacancies announcement on our website and Linkedin. All the applications are pooled and when we look for new talents, all the applications in the pool are scrutinized by our team.

mission and vision

mission and vision

First interview

If your skills, experience and academic success are in line with the requirements of the position, we invite you to have the first meeting in our office. It is beneficial for both you and us. You will familiarize yourself with our working place and we have an opportunity to get to know you better.At this stage, it is time to talk about your background and ultimate goals. You can also ask questions about us. Then, you are supposed to complete a mini task to give us your problem solving skills, approach to the code and enthusiasm for the job.


Final meetup

All the candidates are reviewed and if we are of the same mind, it is a good sign. We invite you again for the last interview with the executive teams. This is the final phase where we’ll learn more about your goals and expectations while also outlining our future plans, which we hope you’ll participate in.

mission and vision

mission and vision

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