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Turkcell and TechNarts: Advancing technology in Türkiye together

Turkcell continues its collaboration with TechNarts to support localization in Türkiye. This partnership, part of the “National Technology Initiative”, aims to enhance localization efforts and maintain top-notch service quality. At the forefront of these advancements is Star Suite, a collaborative effort between TechNarts and Turkcell engineers. Turkcell swiftly detects and resolves any present or potential issues by continuously monitoring real-time data from network infrastructure through Star Suite. Processes such as automatic planning, discovery, and configuration compliance are fully automated, enabling end-to-end network management within the “zero-touch network” concept. Furthermore, Technarts has introduced 3 new products Numerus, Inventum, and MoniCAT providing automation of IP address management, inventory management, and alarm & topology management. These products demonstrate TechNarts’ commitment to driving technological progress in Türkiye by empowering local companies with cutting-edge solutions.

Click here for more information and to read the press release of Turkcell.
Click here for the news article from Anadolu Agency.

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TechNarts at the MWC24 Barcelona: A global gathering of technology and telecom innovators

Technarts participated in the Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC24) held in Barcelona. MWC24 brought together numerous companies and professionals from the information technology industry worldwide. Our CEO, Taha Yayci, CFO İsmail Taha Aykaç, Product Manager Hayat Günce Gemalmaz, and one of the technical team leaders İrem Dereli attended the event. They had the invaluable opportunity to connect with a diverse array of people and companies from around the globe, facilitating enriching discussions and idea exchanges within the telecommunications sector and exploring the latest industry developments.

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Exploring the future of telecommunications: Our CEO & Founder Taha Yaycı's insights on TRT Türkiye'nin Sesi Radyosu

Our CEO & Founder, Taha Yaycı, recently took part in an informative discussion about telecommunications on TRT Türkiye'nin Sesi Radyosu. Throughout the session, he shared his expert opinions and forward-thinking views on where the industry is heading, providing valuable insights into the changing landscape of telecommunications. In this exclusive recording, you can listen to Taha Yaycı's insightful thoughts and reflections, gaining a deeper understanding of the trends and challenges shaping the telecommunications industry.
Don't miss this opportunity to hear from one of the industry's leading voices and gain valuable insights into the future of telecommunications. To access the entire program and listen to Taha Yaycı's interview, click here.

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Northern Cyprus hosts KKTC Haberleşme Teknolojileri Zirvesi: A step towards R&D hub

The first-ever "KKTC Haberleşme Teknolojileri Zirvesi" (Northern Cyprus Communication Technologies Summit), organized by Haberleşme Teknolojileri Kümelenmesi and GİTYAD, recently took place. The summit focused on discussing the current technologies of tech companies in Turkey and their potential contributions to positioning Northern Cyprus as an R&D hub. This inspiring event was a success, and now we're all looking forward to more teamwork, ideas, and exciting advancements in tech in both Turkey and Northern Cyprus. This is a big step in putting Northern Cyprus on the map in the world of technology! We extend our gratitude to HTK and GİTYAD for organizing this inspiring event, which brought together industry players under the umbrella of communication technologies, and everyone who contributed to the organization.

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Our CEO & Founder Taha Yaycı participates in Turkcell's "Tedarikçi Eksenli İnovasyon & Yerlilik Programı" as a speaker

The annual Turkcell Tedarikçi Eksenli İnovasyon & Yerlilik Programı concluded recently, focusing on strengthening procurement processes and encouraging innovation. This event brought together over 100 supplier representatives dedicated to providing valuable solutions for Turkcell’s ecosystem. The summit featured three main aspects: "Supplier-Centric Innovation", "Domestic Production" and "My Big Partner". It served as a platform to discuss Turkcell's contributions to the industry and the experiences of innovative project implementers among its suppliers. Taha Yaycı, our CEO & Founder, attended this program as a speaker and he had the opportunity to highlight some of our OSS solutions that Turkcell is currently using. He talked about Numerus, which provides central management of millions of IP addresses, Inventum, which discovers topology from current inventory data, and our fault and configuration backup management tool, which we started to integrate with Turkcell. Turkcell Supplier Summit underlines our commitment to innovation and collaboration within the industry. We continue to improve and deliver valuable solutions to our partners.

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TechNarts is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its 2023 Summer Internship Program.

TechNarts, a company that has adopted the culture of training from the cradle, attaches great importance to the internship program. Over the course of the summer, TechNarts welcomed a diverse group of talented interns who had the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in the dynamic world of information technology. The program was designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of our company's operations, culture, and the latest trends in the IT industry. Throughout the internship, our interns had the chance to work closely with our seasoned professionals, contributing to real projects and solutions that are at the forefront of technological innovation. "We are immensely proud of the dedication and enthusiasm displayed by our interns this summer," said Taha Yaycı, CEO & Founder. "Their contributions have been invaluable to our team, and we believe that they have gained a wealth of experience that will serve them well in their future careers." TechNarts remains committed to nurturing young talent and investing in the next generation of IT professionals. The Summer Internship Program is just one example of our ongoing efforts to provide educational and growth opportunities within the industry. As the internship program comes to a close, TechNarts would like to express its sincere gratitude to all the interns who participated, as well as to our mentors and teams who dedicated their time and knowledge to the success of the program. Let's see how the program went for our interns. For more information about TechNarts and internship opportunities, please visit our Internship Program page.

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TechNarts joins DTW23-Ignite in Copenhagen, the global telecom industry convergence

TechNarts is delighted to announce its participation in DTW23-Ignite, a globally renowned gathering where the telecom industry comes together to share insights and innovation. Our CEO, Taha Yayci, will also attend the event. DTW23-Ignite, hosted in Copenhagen, serves as a major meeting point for telecom leaders, experts, and enthusiasts from around the world. This event offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest developments in the industry and TechNarts is excited to be part of this dynamic experience. TechNarts expresses its sincere gratitude to all event participants and the TM Forum family for facilitating this exceptional gathering.

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TechNarts proudly sponsored the successful 6th Anadolu Bilişim Buluşmaları event: "Dijital Dünyaya Sivas'tan Bakış"

TechNarts, is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the recently concluded 6th Anadolu Bilişim Buluşmaları event, which bore the theme "Dijital Dünyaya Sivas'tan Bakış" (A Glimpse into the Digital World from Sivas). The event took place from July 26th to July 28th. TechNarts' support for the event underscores its commitment to fostering the development of the IT sector in Anatolia and promoting informatics and innovation across the region. At the event; “Digital Transformation in the Business World: Rising Global Trends and New Generation Technologies”, “Industry 4.0”, “Society 5.0 Strategy”, “Digitalization and Industry 4.0 in the Regional Industry”, “Innovations Awaiting Cities in the Future: Smart Cities Ecosystem”, “Smart Cities and Sessions "Exemplary Practices", "OIZ Special Session", "The Future is in Agriculture and Food" were held. During the event, TechNarts had the opportunity to engage with fellow industry enthusiasts, share insights, and contribute to the growing technological landscape in Anatolia. For a retrospective look at the 6th Anadolu Bilişim Buluşmaları event and its highlights, please visit Anadolu Bilişim Buluşmaları.

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Connecting with industry leaders at the Smart Cities & Fintech Dubai Trade Delegation

We are thrilled to share our recent participation in the "Smart Cities & Fintech Dubai Sectoral Trade Delegation" event on June 19-20, 2023, funded by the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Trade. This prestigious event brought together industry giants, including banks, telco operators, and companies. As a participant, we had the privilege of joining insightful discussions and B2B business meetings with leading companies in the sector. We had the opportunity to actively engage in informative panel discussions and visit the Dubai Technology Marketing Office, situated within the World Trade Center (DWTC) and operated under the leadership of Yıldız Technical University (YTU) Yıldız Teknopark. These interactions have opened doors to exciting possibilities, and we look forward to nurturing these connections and exploring future collaborations. Stay tuned for updates on our journey toward a smarter, more connected future.

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TechNarts is the guest of ICT Media Açık Açık program this month

TechNarts proudly announces that its CEO, Mr. Taha Yaycı, was a distinguished guest on the prestigious ICT Media Açık Açık program. Within this program, which welcomes prominent players of the ICT sector, Mr. Yaycı provided valuable insights into the foundation of the TechNarts brand, sectoral growth and contributions to the industry. The program provided an engaging platform for Mr. Yayci to explain TechNarts' remarkable journey, an array of cutting-edge solutions and services it offers to the telecommunications industry, and two of the company's flagship products, Star Suite and Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System. These pioneering solutions have not only revolutionized the industry but have also contributed significantly to enhancing operational efficiency and compliance. Throughout the program, Mr. Yaycı answered questions about current industrial trends and shared his perception about the ever-changing technology landscape. His visionary viewpoint gave audiences a glimpse into the future of the global marketplace, highlighting the importance of adaptability and forward-thinking strategies in an increasingly interconnected world.

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TechNarts signed TM Forum’s Open API and ODA manifestos

TechNarts has taken a significant step towards enhancing industry collaboration and technological innovation by officially endorsing TM Forum’s suite of Open API and ODA manifestos. This endorsement highlights signatories’ steadfast dedication to integrating the Open Digital Architecture (ODA) and Open APIs into its software architecture, setting the stage for improved software interoperability. TechNart’s active participation in the evolution of these frameworks, support for open-source initiatives, and expectations for plug-and-play conformance; signifies its role as a forward-thinking leader, dedicated to shaping the future of technology through collaboration and adherence to industry standards. Our commitment to innovation and collaboration knows no bounds, and we look forward to a future filled with countless achievements within the TM Forum community.

You can visit the profile of TechNarts at TM Forum here.

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TechNarts at MWC23 Barcelona: Connecting with global tech innovators

TechNarts participated in the Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC23) held in Barcelona. MWC23, a renowned international event, brought together companies and professionals from the information technology industry worldwide. MWC23 facilitated interactions with companies of various sizes and origins, emphasizing the potential for global expansion through strategic collaborations. Throughout the event, Technarts initiated conversations and explored partnerships with global industry players, positioning itself for potential international ventures in the dynamic information technology sector. In an increasingly interconnected world, events like MWC23 play a crucial role in fostering connections and expanding horizons for technology companies. Technarts is committed to leveraging such opportunities to further its mission in the technology landscape.

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TechNarts will be OSS Category Partner of Mobilefest 2023

We are here to announce that TechNarts will be attending Mobilefest, the biggest ICT Exhibition of Eurasia, in Istanbul during 26-28 January. The event will host more than 200 companies developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions to the most trending topics of telecommunications, mobile services, cyber security etc. industries. The exhibition, gathering influencers, startups and industry leaders from all around the world, will provide a great opportunity to create networking and engage in insightful talks with top-notch speakers on their industry knowledge and real-life experiences. We are thrilled to be a part of the event as OSS Category Partner! During the exhibition days, we will discuss the developments, share our insights about problems and potentials in the industry with our partners and customers, present how our solutions with leading telecom operators have an impact in the field and new approaches and the solutions we have brought to the sector. We will be very delighted to meet you at Mobilefest; If you will be attending the exhibition, come and visit us at Stand 8B01 in Istanbul Congress Center to get to know our solutions in detail.

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