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Our training solutions are developed by subject matter experts and equip users skills and knowledge of most trending technologies, leading to improved employee productivity. We offer personalized training solutions tailored to fit your organization's schedule and learning objectives. We have online or on-site options customized for training services.

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Software Development Workshops

Software development training programs are divided into two categories: in-house training and customized technical workshops. Our approach to agile software development starts with preparing all our employees, from interns and part-time to full-time employees, to embrace ever-changing software technologies and put the techniques into practice. Conventionally, all employees have been trained from the cradle and become trainers after they become highly skilled in their field over time - this is how we gained experience in training. We have technical workshops in today’s technologies, their implementations and best practices. You may check them out!

Technical Workshops

  • Data Stores: PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Apache Cassandra, TimescaleDB, Oracle DB, Redis, MongoDB, Apache Ignite, SQLite, Dgraph
  • Languages: Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Go, Shell Script
  • DevOps & CI/CD: Git, Jenkins, Artifactory, Docker/Podman, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Helm Charts, Linux
  • Web Frameworks: Django, React, Flask, Spring
  • Computer Science Concepts: OOP, Security, Parallel Processing, Database Management
  • Other Technologies: Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, WebSocket, NGINX, Apache Tomcat, Gunicorn, Daphne, HAProxy, Ansible, Nornir

Training Workshops

Training workshops are designed to provide a clear understanding of the exclusive solutions offered to businesses. Working principles, functionalities of the system, possible problems and methods to tackle them are elucidated during online or on-site sessions. Workshops ensure different user profiles get the most out of efficiency from our solutions and associated products. Sessions cover a broad spectrum of topics to guarantee that the solution is comprehensible and practical for implementation within the company.

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